Employer Benefits to Know Ashland, Grow Ashland

on June 16, 2015

June 16, 2015

Ashland County Businesses:
Ashland Area Council for Economic Development is conducting Business Walks with local businesses of all industries from Monday, July 13th to Friday, July 17th.

This is a great opportunity for AACED and our volunteers to get to know more about area businesses, but there are also several benefits of participating for our local businesses. These benefits include:

  • Having your voice heard about the local business climate.
  • Exposure to the local, state, regional, and federal incentives and resources.
  • Resources on workforce development and staff management.
  • Collaboration with a network of businesses in your industry with similar issues.

The more we know about Ashland, the more we can help it grow. From these visits, our office will invite the local businesses in similar situations to join focus groups. The focus groups will address the needs of the businesses with relevant, local resources. With quarterly meetings, these focus groups will meet to talk about what has worked for their businesses and what they are struggling with. AACED will also bring in experts that have experience and resources to help our businesses succeed. These visits are very similar to what has been done in the past, but our goal is to stay in communication with our areas businesses and see a positive trend start to emerge over time for our Ashland County business climate.

We also want to meet the specific needs of our businesses. For instance, if you are looking to grow or expand our office can walk you through a process for a tax abatement or on-the-job training dollars. We partner with Ohio Means Jobs Ashland County, TeamNeo, JobsOhio and other organizations to provide a customized solution for Ashland County businesses.

To REGISTER click here.

For more information contact Allison at or call 419-289-3200.

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Employer Benefits to Know Ashland, Grow Ashland

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