Ohio has the 4th largest interstate highway system and 10th largest highway network in the nation.

Highway Access

Ashland will give you shipping and receiving advantages with access to I-71 and several U.S. and State Highways.

Interstate Highways: I-71
US Highways: US-30, US-42, US-224, US-250
State Highways: OH-3, OH-39, OH-58, OH-60, OH-89, OH-95, OH-96, OH-179, OH-202, OH-511, OH-545, OH-603

Freight Carriers
Ohio has over 33,000 trucking companies providing a wide range of options for your business.

Local Transit
Ashland Public Transit is a curb-to-curb service that covers the entire county.

Railway Access

Rail access is feasible throughout Ashland County. Norfolk Southern Corp. crosses the southern part of the county, and CSX Transportation and Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway cross the northern part of the county. The City of Ashland is served by Ashland Railway, a short-line rail that connects to Norfolk Souther, CSX, and Wheeling & Lake Erie Railways.

Name: Ashland Railway
Main/Branch Line: Branch
Shortline/National: Shortline
Nearest Switching Yard (miles): Mansfield (15 miles)
National Rail Lines Interchanging with Ashland Railway: Norfolk Southern, CSX Transportation, Wheeling-Lake Erie (Shortline)

Road & Rail