There are many advantages to using the internet for business and exploiting the technology to work more effectively and productively.

When searching for the best business internet service provider, there are several factors about your internet usage that you must consider. Price, availability, and speeds are the most obvious factors to think about, but it is also a good idea to determine how many people use the internet at once and what they use it for on a daily basis.

The number of web users and different types of web activity have an impact on your actual internet speeds. If you’re also interested in getting phone service at your business, it may be smart to look for an internet company that offers discounts when you bundle phone with your internet. Below is what Ashland has to offer.

ArmstrongCable Internet (for residential and business) for Ashland City area
Time Warner Cable / SpectrumCable Internet (for residential and business) for areas in Ashland County outside of Ashland City
FrontierDSL Internet (for residential and business) for areas in Ashland County
HughesNetSatellite Internet (for residential and business) for rural areas in Ashland County
OneCommunityEstablished as a nonprofit in 2003, OneCommunity is working to turn Northeast Ohio into a “Smart Region” – one that directs its resources and investment to support technological innovation, highly efficient and customer-centric public services, and a superb overall quality of life for its citizens.

Technology is vital to this transformation, keyed by OneCommunity’s ultra-high-speed, fiber-optic broadband network, which covers almost 2,000 miles around Northeast Ohio and connects more than 2,300 public institutions such as hospitals, schools, libraries and government offices.

This network serves as a platform for innovation and collaboration, enabling a variety of beneficial programs and applications in health care, education, government and public safety. It is also an ideal test environment for researchers, technology companies and entrepreneurs.

-MISSION: OneCommunity is expanding high-speed broadband access and adoption to strengthen Northeast Ohio.